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Week 46: Psalm 48-82

November 18, 2018 – Twentieth-sixth Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 am Divine Service - Setting 3 with Holy Communion (LSB p. 184)

OPENING HYMN                                                    
   LSB 802                          “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise”

Invocation                                                                 p. 184

Confession of Sins and Absolution                     p. 184

Gloria in Excelsis                                                     p. 187

Salutation                                                                  p. 189

Collect of the Day                                                    p. 189

Old Testament                                                         
   Psalm 53                                                                Bible p. 891

   Romans 3:9-20                                                      Bible p. 1750

   “Alleluia, Alleluia…….”                                         p. 190
Gospel Announced

   Glory be to Thee, O Lord!”                                   p. 190

Holy Gospel                                                             

   Mark 2:1-7                                                              p. 1553

   “Praise be to Thee, O Christ!”                              p. 191
Nicene Creed                                                           p. 191

Children’s Message

HYMN OF THE DAY                                              

   LSB 683                          “Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me”

Sermon:    Text:       Psalm 53

                   Theme:   Fool

Offertory                                                                     p. 192


Prayer of the Church                                              p. 193

The Lord’s Prayer                                                    p. 196

Words of Institution                                                 p. 197

The Agnus Dei                                                         p. 198

DISTRIBUTION HYMNS:                                     

   LSB 628                          “Your Table I Approach”

   LSB 829                          “Christ the Eternal Lord”

   LSB 565                          “Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ”

The Nunc Dimittis                                                    p. 199

Thanksgiving                                                            p. 200

Benediction                                                              p. 202

CLOSING HYMN                                                    

   LSB 729                          “I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus”