23 July 2017 Sunday Bulletin


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Kevin E. Hahn, Pastor
(Cell: 815-600-0518 or pastor@goodshepherdfrankfort.org)


Week 81: Luke 17-John 3
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
July 23, 2017

Sharing Christ – Changing Lives!  Good Shepherd is a Christian family committed to responding to our Lord’s love and command to “make disciples of all nations” by sharing the Good News of Christ through our words and actions.                                                                                         

Welcome:  We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors this morning.  We pray that God will touch your life through your worship with us today and that you will come back soon.  Please sign the “Welcome Folder” distributed during the offering, and if you are a visitor, also include your address and phone number, so that we may have an opportunity to contact you. 

8:00 DIVINE SERVICE gets its name from the fact that worship is most importantly God serving us. We come at his invitation not to do God a favor, but to receive from him what he alone has to offer, after which we respond in praise. 8:00 Divine Service uses a variety of rich, beautiful, and often ancient traditions of the church found in the hymnal accompanied by the organ, as well as, piano and other various instruments on special occasions.


10:46 WORSHIP gets its name from Acts 10:46 where it mentions that the apostles “heard the Gentiles speaking in tongues and praising God” – which could well describe this time of worship where God is present and his people are responding.  10:46 WORSHIP blends the best of both ancient tradition and modern music and instruments recognizing the ongoing, present-day work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Beginning at 10:46 AM also suggests a more casual worship where you’re invited to come just as you are.

Today we celebrate the Lord’s Supper at the 10:46 a.m. Service.

The Lord’s Supper should reflect our unity in faith and doctrine (see 1 Corinthians 1:10 & 10:17).  St. Paul urges us, “One should examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup” (1 Corinthians 11:28). 

In order to receive the blessing of this Sacrament, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I truly sorry for my sins and so desire God’s forgiveness?
  2. Do I believe that Jesus is my Savior and that He gives me His true body and true blood with the bread and wine – to forgive all my sins and to assure me of eternal salvation?
  3. Do I plan, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to change my sinful life?

ALL WHO COMMUNE, please record your attendance in the “Welcome Folder” (located in each pew).  If you are communing with us for the first time, please speak to the Pastor prior to the service, if possible.

AT COMMUNION, an Elder carries the tray of individual cups and the Pastor invites you to drink either from the cup you have taken or from the common cup, which he carries.  Cups in the center circle of the trays contain non-alcoholic wine for those who prefer it.

Join Us for Bible Study today as we continue the book of Romans study.  We are also having a sermon series on the book of Romans.  Martin Luther called Romans – “the soul’s daily bread” which “can never be read too often or studied too much.” In fact, Luther said that the book of Romans is worthy for every Christian to know word for word, by heart! You might not memorize it, but you’re invited to study it on Sunday morning 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Pastor Hahn -  will be out of town Saturday, July 29th – Wednesday, August 9th.  If you need pastoral care during an emergency, please contact ­­­­­­­Rev. David Constien at
815-409-1156.  Rev. Gary Schmidtke
will be filling in on Sunday, July 30th and Wednesday, August 2nd and Rev. Bob Breitbarth will be filling in on Sunday, August 6th and Wednesday, August 9th.

Good Shepherd has an opportunity for people to be trained and serve on our audio-visual program team. The persons selected would be part of Ralph Sangmeister’s team that prepares Power Point presentations and arranges for their projection, recording sermons, and operating the video camera.  Please contact Ralph, an Elder, the church office, or Pastor if you are inspired to investigate this opportunity.

Worship on Wednesdays (W.o.W.) is available all Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. through August 23rd.  Each Wednesday uses the previous Sunday sermon and hymns in a little more relaxed and simple format.  Don’t take a vacation from worship this summer.  Worship on Wednesdays.

The Voter’s Meeting is April 24th  from 9:30 a.m-10:30 a.m.  Report packets are available for review for the meeting.  You can pick one up in the narthex.  All voting members are encouraged to attend.

Good Samaritan Door Offering – next Sunday, July 30th after each worship service.  This door offering provides funds to help individuals who are in need of assistance – in particular gas and food. Your gift enables us as a congregation to be a “Good Samaritan” to our neighbors in need.

Good Shepherd’s co-ed summer softball team next game is Monday, July 24th at 6:00 p.m.  You are welcome to come out and play one game or the whole season. Check The Wall for the schedule.  Contact the church office with any questions.

null Food Pantries - SUMMERTIME NEEDS ARE HIGH AS CHILDREN ARE HOME FROM SCHOOL.  JULY food items are:    Quick, filling meals (Hamburger Helper, Mac & Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Instant Rice Meals, Spaghetti & Sauce, etc), Pasta Mixes, Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, dressings, pickles) and drink mixes such as
Kool-Aid, Lemonade, and Hawaiian Punch.

Golden Opportunity Books – Discount rate of $15.00 per book.  Coupon books are still available and are valid through October 1, 2017. Stop by the church office to pick yours up today!  You can also contact Pastor Hahn on Sunday mornings.

Worship for Shut-Ins – If you know someone who is a shut-in, they can watch “Worship for Shut-ins” on TV in Chicago and Northwest Indiana on Comcast Channel 138 Sunday at 11:30 am  (Total Living) or on Direct TV Channel 377 Sunday at 10:30 am  Total Christian Television (TCT).  Or they can view the worship services online at ttps://www.worshipforshutins.org/onlineviewing.

Personal Essential Items for P.A.D.S – We are still collecting small (travel size) personal essential items for PADS.  Please consider donating any small soaps, toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos hand sanitizers, etc.

Buy Scrip and Help Support Our Church.  When participating in the Scrip program, you purchase gift cards for your local retailer (it is just like using cash) and the church receives a percentage back. You can contact Karen by emailing her at LabineJK@aol.com or calling her at 815-693-9561.

Ordering flowers for display in church on Sunday mornings is one way to recognize and celebrate with your church family a special day (i.e., birthday, anniversary...) or significant event (i.e., birth of a child) or in honor or memory of someone. When you decide to order flowers –

            1. Call the church office (815-469-2549) to reserve a Sunday and how you  want the reason for the flowers noted in the bulletin. Please call no
                later than  Wednesday for flowers the following the Sunday.
           2. Order flowers directly from Bokay Flowers (815-469-6063) in Frankfort.  Bokay Flowers will deliver and display the arrangements in church.
           3. There is a minimum order of $40 ($20/arrangement for each side of the  altar).

You are welcome to take your flowers home after 10:46 Worship. Thank you for sharing with your church something or someone special to you.

Life Quote“As God called Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls, God has called each one of us to be soldiers in His army to repair our portion of the ‘wall,’ by affirming life and speaking the truth of the Gospel with love to everyone who will listen, with the weapon of God’s Word in one hand and building material, like LFL resources, in the other.” Lynette Auch, president of Lutherans For Life – A Life Quote from Lutherans For Life • www.lutheransforlife.org

Spending regular time in God’s Word is what Jesus’ disciples do and is important at Good Shepherd.  The main goal is not to get through the Bible, but for the Bible to get through to us.  We follow a plan that takes us through the Bible from cover-to-cover in two years.  Each Sunday a text is selected from the previous week’s reading – usually along with two other texts that have some connection.  You’re invited to follow the weekly reading plan.  A special devotional Bible called The Today’s Light Bible is available, if interested, that not only is divided into daily readings but also adds a brief explanation and application each day.

Today’s Light Reading Plan – Week 82

Monday…………..……………….....………….............. John 4:1-54
Tuesday............................................................ John 5:1-6:71
Wednesday...................................................... John 7:1-8:59
Thursday....................................................... John 9:1-10:42
Friday........................................................... John 11:1-12:50
Saturday..........................................................John 13:14:31

Good Shepherd in Worship and Mission

Sunday, July 16, 2017: 8:00: 52 Communion 50; 10:46: 58
Wednesday, July 19, 2017: 6:15: 24 Communion 16

Total Weekly Offering:
Sunday, July 16, 2017:  $3,791.43
Wednesday, July 19, 2017: 580.00

Mission Commitments:

  • Northern Illinois District:  $ 5,000/year
  • Lutheran Bible Translators/Federwitz: $ 3,000/year 
  • Lutheran Church Charities:  $ 2,000/year
  • Sanctuary, Manhattan:  $ 2,000/year
  • Voice of Hope:  $1,500/year
  • Voice of Care:  $ 1,500/year

Sanctuary Manhattan:  a mission congregation currently worshipping and actively reaching the Manhattan community. It was begun and is supported by a partnership of area Lutheran congregations - including Good Shepherd with a $2000 yearly commitment. 

Missionaries:  Paul, Ali, Hannah, Levi & Eden Federwitz – Lutheran Bible  Translators working in Ghana, W. Africa supported in part by Good Shepherd’s members.  Please make sure you mark your checks or envelopes appropriately.

Next Week’s Texts: Roman 11:11-12, 30-36, John 19:16-26 **************************************************************************************************** 

                                                                                                This Week at Good Shepherd
Divine Service                                                                                8:00 a.m.
                                                                                       Bible Study                                                                  9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.         
                                                                                       Worship with Communion                                                         10:46 a.m.
                                                       Monday:          Weight Watchers Meeting                                                            9:30 a.m.
                                                       Wednesday:   Worship on Wednesdays (W.o.W)                                              6:15 p.m.
                                                       Saturday:         AA Meeting                                                                       10:00 a.m.-Noon


          Voters’ Meeting, Sunday, July 30th between services
Good Samaritan Sunday, July 30th
Worship on Wednesday (W.o.W.) August 2nd
Next Week’s Sermon Text: Romans 10:5-17 Theme:  Saved

Happy Birthday

Courtney Ehrich                      7/23
Donna Bass                               7/26                                
Andrew Sidlowski                    7/26                                             
Eliana Herbst                            7/27 
Elizabeth Martin                      7/27 
Keri VanDerMuil                      7/27      
Amy Sidler                                 7/28

Happy Anniversary

Darryl & Billie Clausing            7/25
Craig & Erin Bettenhausen      7/27

                                                 SERVING TODAY

                             Divine Service             10:46 Worship

Elder                    Ron Ekstrom                     Paul Herbst
Usher                   Barry Brandau                  John Sidlowski
Usher                   Mikayla Hollingsworth   Jake Leonard
Usher                   Ethan Sieb                         Christopher Hahn
Acolyte                 Ashlee Jackson                Rachel Leonard
Greeters               Linda Heflin                     Jackie Bormet
Greeters               Bill Moser                         Linda Frankiewicz
Altar Guild            ------                                 Sharon Wandersee
Altar Guild            ------                                 Linda Sangmeister
Power Point         Keith Bass                        Paul McGowan
Organist               Sharon Bettenhausen     ------

10:46 Worship team:  Drums:  Ty Foster  Guitar:  Jordan Foster, Curt Murff
                                            Vocals/Guitars: Andy Foster, Bernie Glim             
                                             Vocals/Keys:  Karen Glim, Rachel Glim                  

Prayers for 7/23/17

Prayer List:  We would like to remember our shut-ins and hospitalized members & friends in our prayers this week.   If you know of anyone whoshould be added to the list at any time, please call the church office. 


Eileen Bartels
Mildred Bartels
Paula Bell

Millie DeGreve
Dorothy Koenig

Jane Kuse
Marion Kautz
Evilena Molthan

Allen Neuber 
Paul Schuldt
Emma Simpson
Kay Wessel


Roy Sangmeister – at Hines Hospital where he will undergo surgery to treat an infection.
Cal Heflin – chemotherapy.
Bill – friend of Kay Schultz, in ICU with complications from surgery.  Please keep his wife in your prayers too.
Marty J – cousin of Kay Schultz, recovering from triple bipass surgery.  Recovery is going well and he thanks everyone for having him in their prayers.
Katherine Carollo – John Carollo and Kathy Schwartz’s mom, recovering at Holy Family Villa from a fall.
Mary Sidler – radiation treatment.
Bob Schlinger – at home with a heart monitor.
Thomas Hale – family member of Lindsey Martin from Woodbury, TN.  He’s fighting cancer and has a long road ahead.


John Hiller and Tracy Raschke were joined in marriage Saturday, July 22nd.

Prayer Requests / Concerns remain on the list for three weeks unless we hear from you.